Saturday, 29 April 2017

We love Tyrepower!

Our first mission of the morning was to get the tyre repaired. Given it was the Saturday of a long weekend, Nick and I went out before breakfast.  There were five tyre repair options in Dalby. We chose the one closest to us - and then the GPS took us there via the most indirect route, which saw us arrive at the rear of the building!

It was a busy morning for the employees and I found it quite interesting to see them all at work.  Our tyre was fixed and then re-fitted to the car in it's rightful spot.  Nick put the spare back and we headed "home" for breakfast, which was a lot quicker when we navigated more efficiently!

I'd flash-frozen cooked pikelets for microwave reheating during one of our Lithgow/Ironfest visits, which was a wonderful success.  I'd similarly pre-cooked pikelets for this trip though cut them into heart-shapes for extra pizzaz!  Very happy to report they were heartily (hah!) enjoyed by all!

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