Sunday, 30 April 2017

Snotty Gobbles!

After patting the cotton modules one last time, we set off again along the Dingo Barrier Fence Drive.  We had the road to ourselves, except for a few roos bounding along the fence-line and we spotting for bottle trees, prickly pear and admiring the pink-topped grass along the track.

There had been much amusement the previous night when I read out the various alternate names for Weeping Pittosporum - especially Snotty Gobbles!  Vaughan called for a halt, keen for us to sample the fruit!

You can see footage of our reactions!

The tree is also known as Native Apricot, which prompted our tasting.  Since coming home, Erin has dug out her "Wild Food in Australia" book.  It gives another name for the tree, Bitter Bush.  Shame I didn't read that before believing Nick's perfectly straight face and well delivered: "Something you really have to experience for yourself, darling"!  Gullible.  That's me.

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