Friday, 28 April 2017

Feeling flat?!

Our plan was to depart when school finished on Friday afternoon - and we left pretty much on schedule. 

One of my last missions was to reheat some party pies and sausage rolls to keep warm in the thermal cooker (an idea that was successful for our Mortlake camping trip in 2014).

Of course, when packing these snacks I envisioned eating them at a nice picnic table!

We hadn't been on the road long when we spotted another Landcruiser the same colour as ours. When it exited the freeway, we were checking it's snorkel and thought the driver was waving but in fact he was shouting "tyre"!

Nick exited the freeway as soon as he could and found a quieter stretch of road for changing the tyre.  Vaughan helped - and we all enjoyed hot pies and sausage rolls during the delay, even though it wasn't quite the rest stop I imagined!

I was reminded of another trip where the commodore had a flat tyre en route to our campsite.  Fortunately this time we were staying in a cabin and didn't need to set-up a tent etc in the dark!

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