Saturday, 29 April 2017

Bunya mountains ...

Nick and I took a drive out to the Bunya Mountains in the afternoon.  There was some lovely scenery en route and we saw hills with many fruiting prickly pears, which made us wonder where all the cacto-blastis moths were!

There were quite a few trees with small orange fruit along one roadside, so we stopped to collect a sample - then later identified it as a Weeping Pitto-sporum using my Australian Trees book, cos my library was in the back of the car (yep, I'm a bit nerdy)!

We enjoyed our afternoon tea at one of the tables in the Dandabah picnic area.  A male satin bowerbird was busy in the undergrowth nearby and the scrub turkeys also wandered very close to us.  We could hear currawongs calling overhead and it was a lovely place for sitting quietly.

The sun was setting as we made our way back to Dalby, driving carefully due to the many small wallabies beside the road.  (They were grazing in house yards as well as more open areas).

Bunya Mountains National Park is home to the world’s largest stand of bunya pines. (They can live 600 years)!

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