Friday, 28 April 2017

Elmer the Gold!

As it happened, we purchased our new-to-us truck not quite two weeks after we farewelled the original Elmer Fudd.

Our replacement is fairly standard - no lift, winch, driving lights, roof-rack, cargo barrier or drawers. He doesn't look, sound or feel the same but has traveled considerably less - 182,000km vs the starting 290,200km of his predecessor , a very worthwhile investment.

We managed 130,000km of adventures with the original Elmer, so there is plenty of potential for even more with this one!

Once home, we quickly organised four new tyres and pondered what to do next.  We've been out on a few local-ish day-trips and collected various furniture bargains but left the truck as purchased, while we considered what improvements to do.

In preparation for a weekend away, Nick fixed the awning (which hadn't been quite the same since a gust of wind caught it about 12 months ago at Beaufort).  He then fitted the roof-rack regalia. And now, the truck really feels like ours!  Hooray for Elmer the Gold!

We decided to stay in a Bandit-friendly cabin for the long weekend.  Fitting the roof-rack meant several suitcases and other gear could be stashed in our Aldi cargo bags, leaving plenty of room in the back of the car for food, picnic cases and a variety of essentials.

Typically, no-one remembered to wash the Elmer Fudd sign while the roof-rack was at ground level - der!  

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