Sunday, 30 April 2017

Great bales of cotton!

On Saturday, we spotted a truck heading out of town carting huge cotton bales. I wasn't quick enough for a pic but we were all very impressed by the sight!  Wow!

After our excellent Sunday breakfast, we packed up for a day of exploring. Erin was delighted to see cotton plants growing en route to Lightning Ridge a few years back.  

(The next year Erin insisted Nick chase some cotton trucks through Bourke when the two of them collected Nissa to spend a week with us at Yowah)!

As we drove from Dalby toward Jandowae, we could see many rows of cotton plants. Nick pulled over at a safe spot so we could cross the road for the a closer look.

We stopped again a bit further along, to see the huge cotton bales.  Hmm.  It seems the correct term is round module - and four of these are processed to create one bale of cotton lint.  Cotton Australia has a set of fact sheets and one states that a processed cotton bale weighs 227kg, enough to produce 680,000 cotton balls! (From my reading this afternoon, it seems these yellow "modules" weigh a similar amount).  Pretty neat, eh?!

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