Sunday, 1 May 2016

Quartz Mountain

Someone said to me recently that we go interesting places, which is true but we do make a point of exploring the areas we find ourselves in.

I was researching the Maryborough Railway Station when I spotted a reference to the "hidden gem" of Quartz Mountain.

Given our recent Carman's Tunnel mine tour where a quartz reef had been fully excavated, I thought it would be neat to see one still in the earth - and it was!  What a place!

I'd taken a group shot of the four of us on 1 May 2011, so packed my tripod for a comparison pic - and was very chuffed we found such a great spot.

Vaughan was keen to light a (small) fire, which took quite a while as the ground and kindling were damp.  While waiting, we set up our picnic table and had lunch.

When the fire was eventually lit, it seemed a shame to waste Nick and Vaughan's efforts - so we boiled the kettle for tea, coffee and hot chocolate.

Although there were no facilities at the mountain, we spent a few hours enjoying the peace and quiet - before heading off to Maryborough.

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