Friday, 6 May 2016

Edge of success?!

Nick bought a few simple supplies to hopefully lessen the van's various roof leaks.  We still use a tarp as part of our bed linen, so it is easy to pull over the bedding when we hear heavy rain during the night.

The leaks over our bed seem only to occur when rain is particularly heavy and consistent.

Although Nick re-sealed one roof edge at the beginning of last year, the other edge remained untreated - and the leaks occur on that side, as well as from the roof hatch and kitchen vent pipe.

We currently live in our van, on a site in a caravan park.  We aren't really able to undertake a full-scale roof repair.

Nick borrowed a ladder, so he and Vaughan could apply sealant to the roof edge, the kitchen vent and roof hatch. It seems the vent may have had a leaking issue for a long time as there was quite a lot of old sealant around it.  I asked if there was any obvious sign of water entry above our bed but seemingly there wasn't.  We'll just have to wait for heavy rain and hope the latest sealing efforts are successful.  (I'm not giving up my drip-dry doona cover/tarp just yet though)!

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