Sunday, 1 May 2016

Maryborough Railway Station

I'd been researching Maryborough Railway Station when I found information on Quartz Mountain.

What prompted my sudden interest in Maryborough Station?  I'd chatted to a traveller staying at the park.  He and his wife had a local friend who collected them for an outing to Maryborough, particularly to see the station.

Later that evening I asked about their day and the fellow spoke very highly of the station's architecture.  He had been a bit bemused in the morning but quite animated after the visit - so obviously the building was impressive.

Vaughan stayed in the car but Nick, Erin and I walked around the station.
It was a gorgeous building and we were glad to have seen it.  While there we collected a few leaflets and brochures from a stand in the main foyer.  I spotted a reference to Aboriginal rock wells, which prompted a detour to the local tourist information centre so we could obtain directions to the nearby site.

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