Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Blinded by my brilliance?!

At the time of fitting a lace panel to the door window, I spoke of an almost-finished blind I'd made soon after making the curtains.

Given our current insulation project, we bought some plastic hooks while at Bunnings yesterday.  Nick mounted them above the door last night, to give them the recommended 12 hours before use.

I worked on the blind today.  It had started life as a never-used tea-towel bought at an op-shop for $2.00.  (I'm sure you can see the appeal given our Lightning Ridge and many great Yowah adventures).

The background was very close in colour to the gold curtains, so I used that and some of Erin's curtain fabric to frame around the tea-towel.  It was backed with some pre-quilted fabric (left-over from our drum bags).

I'd first thought to sew some ribbon into the header of the blind, so that it could be rolled up when not in use.  As I rummaged in my box of sewing supplies today, I had another idea.

Rather than have to tie several pairs of ribbon each morning, I decided to use elastic loops instead.  I had a small selection of buttons and thought to sew them in stacks of three - to create a better hold for the elastic (when in use).  It's been cold and wet today, not conducive to sewing under the gazebo.  I've pinned the blind, ready for it's final row of stitching.  Fingers crossed I'll be able to achieve that very soon!

In the meantime, the blind is hanging in place.  While I was doing that, I realised how cold the door was.  I was already aware of how much draught was enabled by the bottom door vent - cos I lay on the floor each night to do my back stretches.

Prior to our Bunnings expedition, I bought two rolls of bubble-wrap as I thought they might be useful for insulating the windows.  The rolls were still intact and I opened one today.  I used two layers of bubble-wrap on the door today, each taped individually.  The metal of the door is far less cold and I've covered the bottom vent also.  (There is still plenty of bubble-wrap left and if necessary I could add another layer, just from the remainder of the first roll).  I'm so impressed with how much difference this simple measure has made!


  1. Bubblewrap for insulation..... You are an inspiration! What a great move!

    1. I've read about it for windows (directly applied to glass) but didn't get around to trying it. It's quite neat how much difference it's made to the door though. Amazing!