Sunday, 24 April 2016

C'mon to Carman's Tunnel

I'd picked up a brochure for Carman's Tunnel mine tours ages ago - and then collected another on our previous visit to Maldon.  We were having so much fun exploring that day that we decided against doing a mine tour.

We left home earlier today and were a lot better prepared, so headed to the site after lunch.  We arrived only a few minutes after the 1:30pm tour had walked into the mine, so were able to join them.  (Erin wasn't keen to go underground and stayed outside to keep Bandit company in the car).

Although we entered an abandoned gold mine for our 500th geocache, it was very interesting to view this much larger tunnel system.  We donned hard hats at the entrance and the guide was impressed with Vaughan's confidence underground (and later his understanding of the term light-fingered).  Of course, it wasn't our boy's first time in a mine and we've been in caves also at Kwiambal and Jenolan.

The tour cost $7.50 for adults and $2.50 for children.  It was money well spent!  We bought ourselves a "spider" candle-holder with candle (as used in the mine) and hand-made wire toasting fork for the campfire.  Nick seems to think the fork handle is too long but given the enthusiasm of my fire-bug family, I reckon it's probably a good length.  (Vaughan has already decided it might work well for marshmallows)!

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