Friday, 8 April 2016

Sisters Rocks

The Sisters Rocks are huge granite tors named after the Levi sisters who camped there in the early gold days. They are now smothered in graffiti which ruins or enhances them, depending on your politics.

Yep. I would have preferred to see these beautiful rocks in their natural state but there was an amazing amount of graffiti - and from my further reading since coming home, the graffiti dates back over most of the 20th century.  (The earliest date we spotted was 1957 but we weren't looking too hard).  Interestingly, the site is listed on the Victorian Heritage Database as being aesthetically significant at a local level for heritage overlay.

I definitely preferred the much earlier rock art and natural beauty of Bunjil Shelter but it was interesting to contrast the two sites, visiting both within a few hours of each other.  (When we arrived at the Sisters Rocks, Vaughan asked if Bandit was allowed off-lead.  Nick responded the site was obviously not sacred, so Bandit could walk freely - though we should all watch for broken glass).

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