Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Dadswell (but tired) ...

Nick had arrived home from night-shift early in the morning and we packed quietly while he slept.  It was around midday when we departed and we took our time getting to Old Dadswell Town.

Erin shouted us a late late, which we ate at Green Hills Lake.  We stopped in at Halls Gap for groceries - and to spend some time admiring the many roos on the oval!

We arrived at our accommodation in the early evening. Erin and I took Bandit for a run in the back paddock. When we returned, Nick had unpacked.

After the van, the cabin felt huge! Nick estimated that it was seven times larger than the caravan (not including the verandah).

There were two bedrooms (both adjoined by a shared bathroom), a large kitchenette and roomy dining/lounge area - with TV.  In spite of the generous available space, I looked around at different times during the night and we all still stayed quite close together - even Bandit!  Hah!

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