Friday, 8 April 2016

Bunjil Shelter

We departed our cabin on Friday morning, after posing for some group pics.

Although we could see the Grampians in the distance from Old Dadswell Town we were not able to enter the National Park (as dogs aren't allowed).

In reading various tourist information though, I'd spotted a reference to Bunjil Shelter near Stawell, and the park notes stated dogs on leads could visit.

"... this is the only rockart painting of Bunjil known. It is widely regarded as one of the most significant cultural sites in south eastern Australia".

The actual shelter was caged to prevent damage to the rock art.  (We had seen similar protection at the Sandstone Caves while visiting the Warrumbungles).

There was much discussion of the Bunjil rock art.  Nick and Erin debated whether he was sitting cross-legged with hands on hips.

They both agreed he had a man's face, though I thought he may have had a side-facing beak.

Regardless of how Bunjil was depicted, everyone thought the site was beautiful and we are very glad we visited.  There was a picnic table and fireplace across from the gravel carpark (with more gorgeous boulders, which is where Vaughan is climbing) but no-one needed sustenance at that stage, so we drove back to Stawell en-route to Ararat.

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