Thursday, 19 March 2015

The (wire) brush-off!

Nick and I collected our tub of Liquid Rubber on Tuesday.  As you can see, we took Bandit (our Site Supervisor) with us!

I'd emailed Alison over the weekend and she provided some advice on Monday, then more in person when we visited her office. 

Nick and I had been concerned that we may have needed to keep the rubber dry while it cured but seemingly that isn't an issue - great news as we don't have a covered area to work under!

As with all painting projects, preparation is necessary for a successful result. 

"The Liquid Rubber membrane has excellent adhesion to almost all surfaces and substrates if applied correctly ..."

Nick was home today and the day was fine, so he worked on one side of the caravan roof.

Lots of old filler was removed, the metal roof edge-strip was screwed down more firmly (with longer screws) and the area was thoroughly cleaned using a wire brush attachment on a cordless drill. Nick intends to clean a similar area along the top edge of the caravan side. He plans to mask guidelines on the roof and side of the van and apply the product as neatly as possible.

We were discussing the waterproofing project today.  Nick will do both long roof edges first, including the joining seams above the door.  The seams along the width of the roof will be trickier and we'll probably need to purchase painters' planks and another ladder for that work.  Waterproofing around the hatch will need to be done also.  Once all those areas are completed, the entire roof can be given a further two coats of Liquid Rubber - and then a top-coat of the companion product, white thermal paint. 

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