Monday, 16 March 2015

Hatching plans ...

We visited our terrific tip shop on Saturday, just to see what treasures we could find. As it happened Nick and I both spotted this $20.00 door and decided the window might provide air-flow for Vaughan's bunk in the caravan. 

We purchased two preloved inner-spring mattresses for improved bunk comfort. However, Vaughan prefers to use his upper berth with 4WD mat only to maximise head room.  Nick hasn't been able to relocate the top bunk, so we are trying to fit a small window to service that space.

As you can see the door doesn't really have a window, it's more of a hatch - and now that Nick's taken it out of the door for a closer look, our plan may not be feasible. 

We haven't entirely given up hope, so fingers crossed Nick can rig a solution.

Even if the hatch isn't used, Nick found the door frame is made of square metal tubing.  He is thinking of recycling it to form a frame for a caravan step-box, which would replace the milk-crates currently in use.  That'll be a bit flash! 

Of course, if all else fails we'll eBay the hatch. We've had a bit of an eBay sell-off lately.  Some of the funds are being used for our latest project - waterproofing the Millard's roof! All going well, my plastic bedcover may be rendered obsolete!

Nick checked over the roof today.  The annexe strip on the door-side of the van was removed and the residual fixing agent wire-brushed off.  There is about a metre-long section of joining edge lifting above the door.  Further investigation revealed that longer screws will secure it properly, which is a mission for tomorrow.

Tomorrow's other plan is to collect our four-litre bucket of liquid rubber (and bonus geotextile bandage), thus saving freight costs!  The very helpful representative suggested we seal the seams first, as a cost-saving measure - and she also advised us of the current Easter special, which includes bandage and rubber gloves.  Plan A should only cost $120.00.

There are other waterproofing methods.  I received a call-back this afternoon from one of those suppliers.  Their top-of-the range product would cost around $1350.00 (plus freight)!  Given our limited budget I was also offered their cheaper product, which would set us back approximately $900.00 (plus freight). 

Understandably I'm hopeful that our $120.00 option will work wonderfully.  Once we are sure the leaks have been fixed, we can worry about aesthetics (as the rubber membrane is black) - ie whether to purchase an additional white top coat product that provides thermal protection.


  1. If the door opening it too big for the bunk space might it become a star gazing roof top spy hatch?

  2. I did suggest the hatch might do duty as a skylight. I rather like the idea for myself! One van we looked at had clear Perspex rather than a centre roof hatch and I could see myself star-gazing while doing my nightly exercises!