Monday, 23 March 2015

Beef and Vegetable Curry (in the thermal cooker)

I developed a lurgi over the weekend and am not yet recovered (though Erin's high-octane vitamin tablets are having some positive benefit). I tend to feel healthier in the morning, so set about cheffing some curry in the thermal cooker for dinner.

This recipe was a guide but you'll see that I added (and subtracted) as I went along! 

I didn't have onions, so omitted them.  I included vegetables in the meal, rather than having to cook them separately later tonight. 

There wasn't any rice in the pantry, otherwise I would have cooked that in the top pot - and left out the potatoes!  Yep, there was a fair bit of improvisation but this is pretty much the ingredients used (or I'd  usually include if available)!

1kg of beef, cubed
1-2 chopped onions (if you have them)!
2 teaspoons garlic
1 tin drained lentils
1 tin diced tomatoes
1/4-1/3 cup of curry powder
1 cup of chopped sweet potato (approx.)
3-4 small potatoes diced/chopped
2 cups of cut beans (approx.)
2 tablespoons jam
2 tablespoons tomato paste
1 tablespoon stock powder

Brown the meat in a little oil.  Add the garlic.  (Usually I'd brown the onions and garlic first).  Tip in the drained lentils and diced tomatoes. 

There is no liquid loss in thermal cooking, so I generally add lentils to thicken the gravy.  I am mindful of how much liquid I use overall.  Today, I only added a small amount of water when rising the tomato tin.  Often I also include dried lentils or vegetables to reduce the liquid content while cooking. 

I added the curry powder and then the chopped potatoes (sweet and standard).  There was probably about two cups of frozen beans.  I also added some of my homemade plum jam, a small amount of tomato paste and a little stock powder.  The main ingredients were simmering as I added the extras. 

The larger pot was around two-thirds full, which left enough room for the top pot of boiling water to sit inside.  I tucked both pots into the outer insulated pot at around 1:30pm - and will be pleased not to have to do much else tonight!

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