Sunday, 22 March 2015

Chocolate coated?!

I had a long nap yesterday. While I was dozing, Nick worked on the caravan roof.

By the time I woke up he had taped guidelines onto the roof and was ready to start applying the Liquid Rubber.

It looked like melted chocolate in the tub! 

The colour was far more brown than black but darkened as it dried. Very interesting!

Nick applied the first coat with a paintbrush, then pressed the length of bandage along the roof before painting on another coat.

It was his first experience of using the Liquid Rubber paint and the result isn't quite as perfect as he planned. 

We're hoping the aesthetic flaws don't affect performance. 

Nick cleaned the roof so well that  the masking tape clung tightly and wouldn't peel off easily - so lifted bits of rubber with it.  Drat!

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