Tuesday, 24 March 2015

On-target Organisation!

We're having a bit of a clean-up at home. Nick was going to throw out a bunch of broken arrows but I salvaged them to use in the garden.

As it happens, they have other uses as well.  This is my new (caravan) bedside pocket, supported by two small ring hooks - and an arrow! 

How's that for organisation?!  The glitzy fabric was an op-shop find and I used a scrap of it to decorate a matching pouch for my glasses. (The pouch is fashioned from other small leftover pieces, including it's purple polar fleece lining).

Aside from my glasses, the hanging pocket will hold my phone and maybe a small packet of tissues.  I don't need it to store a huge amount of stuff, just a few things that I want easy access to. 

Up till now, I've put my phone and glasses on either the small bench or tucked in a corner of the door-less hanging area.  Once I'm in bed they are definitely out of reach unless I scramble over Nick to get to them!


  1. Your bedside now looks very glam, and a great space-saving way to keep your bits close! Perhaps Nick didn't really mind if you had to clamber over him to get your bits and pieces ;)

  2. Thanks, Fiona! Nick can be quite stoic at times! ;) Silliness aside, I'm very pleased with how the pocket came together and reckon I can make less glitzy / suitably themed versions for Vaughan and Erin's bunks - given there is no shortage of fabric (or arrows)!