Sunday, 8 March 2015

Foil-ed the crowds?!

It's a long weekend in Victoria.  We opted to stay at home, thinking many places would be busy - plus we wanted to supervise our eBay auctions and be available for winners to claim their goods. 

We've had a bit of a clean-out and sold off some of our excess "famous" camping gear.

I wrote the listings with an intro paragraph like this:- 

Famous?!  Yep, this is your chance to own a piece of blogging history!  That's right - our tent has featured in many adventures documented on the Happy Hamby Campers blog!  ;)

OK, "famous" is definitely an exaggeration but we did get a huge number of people look at our listings - and some extra blog traffic, too!

Our original tents, beds on legs, short self-inflating sleeping mat, camp washing machine and clothesline are all sold. We also found new homes for the caravan fridge and the cover I bought at the dump shop (which sold at a profit)! Hah - gotta be happy with that!

We cranked up my fire pit last night and dined under the stars.  There were was an unplanned foil-cooking theme.  Potatoes, pumpkin and carrot - as well as steak and onion - were all cooked in foil parcels.  (The rabbit was a campsite visitor and didn't feature on the menu)!

Vaughan had picked some home-grown apples during the afternoon.  They were too small to core and stuff, so I chopped them up and mounded about a cup onto foil, with a tablespoon of brown sugar and a teaspoon of cinnamon, plus some dobs of butter.  Once cooked we ate the contents with a drizzle of cream.  Mmm!

At the end of the night Nick, Vaughan, Bandit and I retired to the caravan for another camp-out.  (Erin opted to sleep in her usual caravan)!

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