Sunday, 8 March 2015

Bakin' bacon (and bananas)!

We opted for another campfire and caravan sleep-out tonight.  Nick is working on a project that requires the fire - and it seemed a shame to waste it!

The menu included bacon-wrapped sausages in our small camp oven, potatoes in foil cooked in the coals and fool-wrapped corn on the cob.  Oh, and there was some crunchy salad, too.

I prefer sausages cooked on the hotplate but didn't have any toothpicks to hold the bacon in place, hence I opted to use the small camp oven.

Based on the success of the previous night's apple and cinnamon foil parcels, I baked bananas following the same principle.  Each parcel had:  one banana halved, a tablespoon of brown sugar and a dob of butter.  Nick and I had a sprinkling of butterscotch schnapps on ours. (I calculated the bottle has been in the cupboard since 2002 or thereabouts and at this rate should be good for at least another 13 years)!

During the day Vaughan and I had made two-ingredient ice-cream (though we added a generous dose of vanilla to ours).  Although it was supposed to set overnight, we were still keen to try it.  The edges were of soft-serve consistency - lovely over the baked bananas!

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