Monday, 8 July 2013

Slosh-proof soup!

I made another batch of "fridge soup" in my thermal cooker late on Saturday night.  It was still steamy hot very early on Sunday morning but I gave it an extra boost on the gas hotplate before filling our two Stanley food flasks (in preparation for a day at our field archery club).

We were out again today, so I reheated the remainder of the soup - but decided it would be less fiddly if I transported it in the thermal cooker, rather than decant into (wide-mouth) thermoses.

A few weekends ago I discovered how to prevent sloshing between the large and small inner thermal cooker pots while in transit.  I described the method but remembered to take photos today.  As you can see I put a cloth into the boiling water in that top pot and then used a tea-towel between the lid of the top (inner) pot and the outer insulated lid.  I am pleased to say that there was no water transfer between the two inner pots, so our soup remained undiluted - hooray!

I have been a fan of picnics for many years.  The red-check material pictured is actually a tablecloth I made when I was at Uni.  In those days, my picnic set was very traditional red and white.  Twenty five years on, the setting is long gone but the tablecloth is still used on occasion!

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