Saturday, 13 July 2013

Carrot Cake (thermal cooked)

It's a drizzly wet day outside.  A good day for thermal cooking experimentation!  Nissa and I have made thermal cooked cakes but our early efforts weren't documented - and I can't remember making a cake since the Yowah Christmas Cake that Vaughan and I cheffed. 

I revised the method by watching this YouTube video and referred to a printed version of the recipe.  Once all the ingredients were assembled, there wasn't much effort required to mix them together. 

The cake was simmered on the stove for a little over 30 minutes (as I was supervising Vaughan's cleaning efforts in his bedroom).

It was then transferred to the insulated outer pot, where it will stay till much later tonight.  Stay tuned for the end result!

NB:  I substituted macadamia nuts for walnuts, cos that is what we had on hand.  I don't think the video mentions cinnamon but I definitely included it (as per the printed recipe).

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