Monday, 8 July 2013

Blackhill Reserve

My slosh-proof soup was very welcome by the time we stopped to eat it. 

Being a weekday, we had the Blackhill Reserve picnic area to ourselves, though some walkers said hello when returning to the carpark - and a rock-climber stopped to seek directions.  As you can see we were rugged up but still felt cold when the clouds drifted over the sun, so warming soup and hot beverages were enjoyed before Nick, Vaughan and I set off for a bushwalk. 

It was too cold for Erin, who stayed in the car till we returned.  She missed some beautiful country - huge granite boulders along the ridgeline (where the path was mostly sun-bathed and much warmer).  Vaughan was quite gleeful as he slipped easily through "short-cut" crevices that presented more of a challenge to Nick and I! 

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