Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Relaxed River Red Gums

We've driven past Woodlands Historic Park quite a few times since our relocation - always too busy to stop. 

We fully intended to explore it though, so packed a picnic and set off for some school holiday adventuring.  What a beautiful place! 

The huge river red gums grow along a creekline and some of them seem to have decided to abandon vertical growth in favour more relaxed horizontal efforts.  Seriously, they looked as if they were lounging along the ground!

There was frog-song as we walked along - and many small birds also.  The landscape changed as we walked away from the creek, opening into grassland.  I startled a bird and it flew up from it's hiding place, less than a metre from my foot!  A small mob of kangaroos watched us and hopped away when Vaughan ran towards them.  They reached a fenceline, halted briefly and bounded over from a standing start.  Amazing!

We would have explored further but hunger set in and it was a long walk back to our picnic.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the reserve though and will certainly return as there is so much we haven't seen. 

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