Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Mt Bullock ...

Undaunted by our Policeman's Knob experience, we set off to find the other lookout indicated on our "treasure map".

Hah!  Finding Mt Bullock proved even trickier.  Again, there was no signage and GPS assistance was not available.

We had a couple of attempts before deciding that the first rise we'd come to had probably been the extent of the site. Ah, well! There had been some nice scenery en route and we'd seen a bit more of the various claim areas so all was not in vain. Erin suffers from motion sickness though and Vaughan was feeling restless, so we went back to our cabin for a while, to regroup.

The Rubyvale, Sapphire and Scrub Leads Miners Common is available to residents for stock grazing (upon obtaining a permit). Cattle and camels roam freely throughout the township and have right of way.

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