Wednesday, 26 July 2017

30 Seconds - or so!

As well as Monday's fire drum project, Nick and I tackled another mission.

We'd tested the camper trailer over the weekend, setting it up in the back-yard for some practice camping.

The double-bed mattress worked wonderfully for our bed - and even better, the trailer can still pack up around it.  Hooray!

When we inspected the camper, there seemed to be mould staining on the inside of the roof. The seller believed the marks were from dirt on the outside. I wasn't convinced but we paid a good price for the trailer, so were quite happy with our purchase.

Those dark marks were very evident when we were "camping" over the weekend, so action was necessary.

Some time ago, we'd purchased 30-second cleaner from Bunnings.  On Monday, we cleaned the roof of the camper trailer - parking it alongside our front steps for ease of access (and because there was a tap close-by).

The roof definitely looked cleaner after our efforts but sadly there was no change to the inside stains. (All the fumes from the cleaner became trapped inside, so inspection was super-fast - and we decided a different approach would be necessary when cleaning inside).

Nick was excused from the second cleaning phase - though was on-hand to assist me this morning, mixing the cleaner and sorting the sprayer gadget.

I donned a painter's mask which was a huge giggle, cos I mucked up the straps on first attempt and it looked even more ridiculous in skew-whiff mode! I wore old clothes and decided against wearing a bra cos I didn't want to risk bleaching it. As it happened, that was a wise decision!  Given how drippy the operation was though, I'm quite impressed that I wasn't more bleached at the end!

The inside roof looks vastly improved.  I'm thinking it may require another quick go-over because a few small parts were missed.  (It's a bit tricky to see what areas have been done until the product starts working and due to standing below the canvas, excess liquid dripped down rather than pooling as it had on the outside).

I've been doing a fair bit of reading and it seems the high-octane cleaners affect canvas water-proofing, so we've bought a 5-litre container of Aqua Proof to re-seal the roof (inside and out).  I'll post those efforts separately!