Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Signs of good things ...

I didn't have a clear idea of where we were going when we set out again in the afternoon. I'd packed my cheese platter goodies, just in case we had opportunity to watch the sunset from a good vantage point but the end of the day was still several hours away.

As it happened, we headed out along Clermont Road to the Tomahawk Creek fossicking area. It was a pretty drive, with lots of mountains along the way. We saw a Mt Ball sign at a dirt road and turned down, thinking to get a closer look and perhaps even scale that peak. Nup. The road was actually a drive way!

We did a quick lap of the camping area at Tomahawk Creek and then back-tracked to a sandy creek that Vaughan was keen to play in.

He convinced me to be part buried in the coarse sand with him. It was quite pleasant to sit in the shade with our feet throbbing (praps caused by the weight of the sand), watched over by a few curious cows.

There were more cows on the way back to Rubyvale - as well as the nicely embellished Boot & Kettle Creek sign!

Pretty nifty, eh?!

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