Thursday, 6 July 2017

Lunch-time trivia!

We'd had a quick lunch beside the road on the way up, so when Nick asked where I wanted to stop on the way back I said I'd like a nice spot with a table!

Our homeward journey took a slightly different route, following tar roads from Bauhinia to Moura and down to Theodore, then Taroom - rather than the dirt road between Taroom and Bauhinia that we'd used before.

We liked the dirt road but also wanted to see some new scenery.  

It was after 2pm when we drove across the Dawson River and spotted the large rest area.  A table with a river view was a great lunch spot and we enjoyed listening to many birds as we ate.

The table definitely benefited from my picnic table cloths!

I wandered down to the river bank after lunch, to take a couple of shots and read the signage.  I was laughing heartily when I called Nick and Erin down - and then Vaughan was convinced to put on shoes, so he could also join us to see what was hugely funny!

We are keen watchers of animal documentaries and used to spend lots of time at various zoos / wildlife parks, so already had a vague notion of bottom-breathing tortoises but were quite ignorant of the specialist cloacal bursae!  Now, there's some serious lunch-time trivia!!

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