Saturday, 4 October 2014

Spot the bargain!

We stopped in at Aldi before our  Warrnambool whale-watching.

They had a sale on melamine picnic ware and I fancied having a dedicated set for our (at that stage still on the wishlist) van!

Many of the pieces were just $1.00 each so I was worried they might sell out.  There were several colours available but the green was almost a peridot shade, in keeping with our previous day's fossicking - and I thought it would be the best match for the thermal mugs we already owned. 

The mugs were a wonderful bargain, bought at a liquidation warehouse for $1.00 each.  As they retailed for more than $10.00 usually, we bought 20!  It may have seemed excessive at the time but means we have separate sets for camping, picnicking and caravanning - as well as some in our beverage case!

Nick and I visited our favourite dump shop on Saturday.  We came away with a swag of caravan stuff for just $7.50!  Our loot included two curtain rods, a fly screen (for the roof hatch) and lots of almost-matching cutlery with rather funky skinny handles.

I didn't buy knives as we have them in excess at home, having purchased a wooden box full from a building demolition shop when preparing for our wedding, long before our camping adventures began.  I use the box they came in for my journal cards.

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