Monday, 13 October 2014

Millard musings ...

I spent some time in the caravan today, cleaning the upper kitchen cupboards. 

In doing that I found two bottle openers and one very old certificate dated 31 May 1974! 

Bill had advertised the van as a 1976 Millard but I don't think he'd looked in the cupboards.

So, it seems our van has recently celebrated it's 40th birthday!  We're a bit too late for cake and celebrations but the old girl is holding up reasonably well, I think.

George Ladas writes about the history of Millard caravans on this post - and Nick found a short Vimeo clip, which he and I watched this afternoon.   There is a brown-striped van very much like ours shown briefly during the footage - and more information is given about the company's early days. 

Interestingly, many Millard (and Viscount) caravans were shipped to Darwin as temporary accommodation after Cyclone Tracy in 1974.  (From reading a thread here it seems they were 21-22 feet vans, so larger than ours).

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