Wednesday, 8 October 2014

One thing leads to another ...

We purchased our caravan without registration.

VicRoads have an unregistered vehicle permit scheme, where a permit is valid for up to 28 days. This short period enables the vehicle to be towed home and any pre registration work to be done.

Although the van's lights worked on the way home, they ceased to function soon afterward.

Nick investigated and found some of the connections were worn, which caused a fault.

He bought new tail-lights and is working on installing them, of an evening.

Vaughan did a unit on electrical circuits earlier this year and was chatting to Nick about that on Monday evening, before being called upon to assist the new wiring efforts.

As you can see, repairing the lights has highlighted - hah! - other areas in need of repair.  I had assumed the ply "patches" on the interior rear wall of the van were due to previous work being done on the tail-lights.  Nope.  They were put in place to cover holes caused by the original ply rotting.  Given that wall will now be replaced, there are plans to insulate the area as part of the repair. 


  1. The extent of Nick's handiwork never ceases to amaze! He's a gem!!

  2. He's done more good work tonight, Nammo - fixed lights, re-sized and fitted the hatch fly-screen plus made on start on re-fitting the new ply!