Thursday, 9 October 2014

Plying his skill!

When fitting the new tail lights, Nick discovered that our caravan's existing rear lining panel had rotted.  That patch-worked piece was stripped out and a sheet of replacement ply purchased.

The new sheet was run horizontally along the rear wall.  It was a little too long, so Nick cut it into two sections and overlapped them slightly.  The two pieces were wedged into place and left overnight to curve against the outer wall.

Nick trimmed the longer piece this afternoon.  It now fits neatly against the aluminium. 

The shorter piece will be similarly cut - and again overlapped into place.  (Nick wasn't confident of keeping the piece as one length and achieving a good fit).  There are a few more steps before the job is finished but at this stage it's looking good.  Of course, the schmick new piece is in sharp contrast to its aged neighbours!

We're keeping an eye out for bargain insulation. Fingers crossed we'll find some and then Nick will fit that too!

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