Sunday, 13 July 2014

Pre-sizzled sausages!

We have four Stanley thermoses - all purchased new during a clearance sale, around ten years ago.

The two larger 1.8 litre versions are used often for hot water and at least one is packed as a matter of course(with our beverage case) for most trips.

Our smaller wide-mouth food flasks don't get out and about as often.  They are more likely to be used during winter for soups and from time to time I've made thermos porridge in them.  We went out today as a school holiday finale.  I was expecting lots of people and possible difficulty finding a BBQ, so cooked our sausages and onions at home - then packed our pre-sizzled snags into thermoses.  It was mid-afternoon when we stopped for lunch.  Typically the BBQs were deserted and we could have had our pick of them!

Nick was given a small insulated bag (with corporate logo) and it is just the right size for our smaller Stanley flasks.  The extra layer of insulation is great although white wasn't a fantastic colour choice and the bag is looking pretty grotty. Yes, I'm considering giving it a make-over - stay tuned!

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