Friday, 25 July 2014

Schmoozing with the sluzzelers!

Hooray for Friday!

We drove to a local(ish) park after school for some end-of-week celebratory duck feeding. It was the first time we've taken these guys chook pellets and as you can see, they were super-keen scoffers! There was much giggling as we watched them all jostling for food.

I'd packed a quick afternoon tea picnic for the rest of us.

We sat for a while, looking over the river - sipping our cups of tea/coffee and munching sausage rolls (reheated at home and kept hot in the thermal cooker, during transit).

While we were chatting, Erin told us that the action of ducks filtering water through their beaks is called sluzzeling.  Betcha didn't know that?!

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