Friday, 18 July 2014

Frilled it's finished!

Last weekend I said I planned to make-over one of our small soft-sided esky bags. You can see the bag as it was, here. The pic is flattering, so you can't really tell how daggy the bag looked. Aesthetics aside, it's a great size for our two wide-mouth thermoses - and as my laundry soaker efforts failed, I decided to make an outer cover instead.

The stash yielded some machine embroidery test pieces my mother had donated to the cause quite some time back. I found three small pieces of lizard print too, also featuring a frilled neck lizard.

All the fabric was already on hand, I just needed to design a suitable bag/cover.  The end product isn't really what I thought I would make.  I hadn't previously made a bag with side panels and this one didn't quite go as planned.  There were various adaptions along the way - as well as unpicking, re-measuring and dark mutterings!  It's just about finished now (but for a few more stitches on the esky lid) and I'm very pleased with how it's turned out!

The top of the esky bag is still visible, so I've (almost) sewn a piece of the main green fabric on the lid and created a new handle which matches those of the bag. 

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