Sunday, 20 July 2014


We hadn't set out particularly to picnic at Powelltown, it was just where we ended up at lunch time. Although Nick was non-committal when responding to Vaughan's repeated questions about our destination, we were heading for Mt Donna Buang (or Boing as it was often mis-pronounced)!

The GPS gave two options when we left home. After driving for around an hour, our choice led through beautiful forest - to a road closed for the snow season! For some reason, we assumed that road was the only access point so continued down into a valley and then improvised a new route from there.

After lunch, we turned back toward home but detoured through Warburton, where we spotted signs advising toboggans were available on Mt Donna Buang! 

We set off again, winding our way upward and exclaiming over small chunks of snow by the roadside - as well as some cars heading downhill with small snowmen on their bonnets!  It wasn't far past the rainforest gallery carpark that a line of cars developed, all crawling up the hill.  Vaughan and I got out so he could touch the snow and throw balls of it into the bush!  Nick drove a little further, before parking Elmer beside the road and we all walked along, past the mostly standstill line of cars. 

There was another carpark a bit further up the road - with a lot more snow.  Officials were talking to drivers and there were signs advising the summit was a further 3km from that point, with a two-hour delay before getting there. 

We opted to play in the snow available at the carpark (as did quite a few other families).  Erin was keen to make a snowman and while he wasn't the most traditional of shapes, we found a discarded carrot for his nose to lend some authenticity!  Although we'd wanted to mount a small snowman on Elmer's bonnet, no-one was keen to attempt carrying our creation (or his head) back down-hill!

Understandably, Vaughan wanted to stay longer and praps we'll do that on another occasion, now that we know how to the get there!

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