Monday, 21 October 2013

Weir are you going?!

From Seymour, we headed north-ish. 

Nick had travelled as far as Murchison back in August but the countryside was new for everyone else. 

It was a much hotter day and we spotted four snakes on the road, along the way.

Two were still alive, the others hadn't survived the high-speed traffic. I also saw a tortoise. Often we stop to escort them across the road but in this case we were on a motorway.  He/she seemed fairly safe though, on the water-side of the road and presumably headed to a huge body of water. We decided we wanted to go there, too!

"There" was Goulburn Weir - a lovely spot with grassed area for picnics/BBQs and games, lots of trees and masses of beautiful flowers.  Nick and I walked out along the dam wall, while Vaughan played on the equipment and Erin collected flower seeds. 

I'm not generally good with heights, or raised mesh walkways.  I surprised myself though and managed to walk across as far as I did.  I even went out on the landing area where the man is standing in the pic above, though wasn't at all comfortable. 

One of the highlights of the visit was watching a tortoise body-surfing in the current!  Well, I like to think he/she was enjoying playing in the white-water and not just stuck in an endless loop!

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