Friday, 18 October 2013

The egg came first!

You know the age-old question - which came first, the chicken or the egg?  Well, last night it was the egg by a long shot!  We had been tantalised by the smell of roasting chicken but opted for ham omelette and roast vegies when hunger overtook patience at around 8:30pm!

Plan B was definitely appreciated by the hungry hordes.  The roast vegies were quite well done.  Vaughan raved about the potatoes and insisted everyone try them first.  He was right, they were awesome!  (Nice to get something right)!

It was 10pm by the time the chook was deemed done - five hours after it went in (though it would have suffered heat loss at various checks throughout the intervening period).  It could easily have had another hour without any burning or deterioration.

Notes for next time - the chicken needs to start around 1:00pm to ensure dining at a civilised hour.  Although I topped up the moat liquid an hour after starting, it had well and truly evaporated by the end of the cooking period - which makes for more cleaning effort. 

On the bright side the vegie size and cooking time were perfect!  I had mixed them in a bowl with some olive oil to coat lightly - and that seemed to work wonderfully. Hooray!

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