Monday, 16 July 2012

Swanning around town?!

Dunedoo has several parks.  We usually stop at a fenced one, where there are picnic tables and a children's playground (with public toilets close by) - which means we hadn't ever had a close look at these neat bird sculptures.

The artist was David Sherlock.  He lives nearby and exhibited at Ironfest several times!

Vaughan was initially miffed at missing some time in the playground but he cheered up and was happy to pose with some of the sculptures for me.

I particularly wanted to photograph the barn owl because we had watched "Legend of the Guardians:  the Owls of Ga'hoole" repeatedly while at Dubbo!

The name Dunedoo is derived from a local Aboriginal word meaning swan - which would explain the various swan motifs/references around town!

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