Sunday, 8 July 2012

Slice and ice ...

Sadly all the shots with the food handle are blurry!
One of the reasons I particularly wanted to cook corned beef last night was because we bought an Aldi food slicer yesterday!

We are very happy with our other Aldi products and expect this purchase will be just as good.

I was a little hesitant to turn it on but Nick took over that part of the operation and had very soon sliced the whole piece of corned beef.  (I had put it in the thermal cooker at 10pm last night and it was still quite hot when I pulled it out at 9am this morning). 

5mm uniform slices, thanks to our new gadget!
There are now two plastic containers of corned beef in the freezer. The small amount leftover has been sampled and pronounced "good"!

Today's mission is well underway - onion confit and a roasted tomato, capsicum/chilli relish.

It is fair to say Vaughan is skeptical of my condiment production- wandering about, holding his nose and complaining of the smell - but he has very little appreciation of true deliciousness!

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