Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Trolley Tucker

Trolley and turkey (in the garden)!
I thought I would share our picnic trolley with you.  Obviously, it's no glamour - but it's been well-used over the past 12 years or so since I inherited it.

When Nick and I first met, in 2003, he installed some "4WD wheels" for me.  Once the higher wheels were in place (great for rougher terrain) the stands then needed extending, so some dowel covered in garden hose was used.  Quite recently, the handle has been covered with foam plumbing insulation, which is far more comfortable (and less sticky) than the many layers of sticky tape previously used to pad the thin metal!

Sadly, the foam has split a little so I am pondering ways of prettying it up.  In truth, the whole trolley could use a serious makeover - though I guess that is true of the trolley-toter also!  However, as the saying goes, true beauty lies within ...

Usually the bottom half of the trolley is taken up with a soft-side esky/cooler bag that fits snugly.  I made a carrry-bag that sits on top of the cooler bag.  It holds cups, plates, a matching cutlery roll and various other bits.  There are handles so the bag can be lifted easily to get to the cold items underneath.

Well, that is how we usually roll (!) but given it is winter, there was less need for cool drinks etc so I varied the format for our most recent excursion.  (During the July school holidays, we enjoyed a day at Taronga Zoo, courtesy of our annual ZooFriends passes). 

As an experiment, I found that our beverage suitcase, a smaller (wine) cooler bag and large thermos fit in the bottom half of the trolley.  The carry-bag sat on top with all the usual paraphernalia - and a food thermos filled with very tasty home-made pumpkin soup, which was heartily enjoyed when lunchtime wheeled (hah!) around.

There were a few overflow items - home-made cheese and bacon scrolls as well as morning tea muffins.  Nick carried these in his backpack but only till lunchtime! We shared this picnic table with another family group.  They were quite envious of our tea/coffee/hot chocolate options after lunch!

I make an instant hot chocolate mix and pack it, pre-measured, in small, ziplock bags.  The bag is emptied into one of our insulated cups and hot water added, as well as a splash of milk - often two marshmallows are floated on top!


  1. You sound ultra organised. How nice would your picnics be!


  2. Thanks, Barb! I have always liked picnics and these days they are standard for our outings. We pack the beverage case, a thermos and a few nibblies if heading out to the library/shopping - on the off chance we will need "a little something" afterward! Cheers!