Thursday, 25 October 2018

Slow slide to civilisation!

We came home from Roma with more modification ideas.  Although we bought our Engels in October 2010 they'd never been set up on fridge slides.

Nick built a shelf before our 2014 Yowah trip and one Engel sat on a basic wooden slide on top.  That set-up was in use for a little under two years.  It worked well for Innamincka and at Mortlake.

In late 2015 we bought a commercial drawer system with a fridge slide incorporated on one side.  Those drawers were re-fitted to Elmer the Gold in 2017.  To access the fridge, we needed to stand on the towbar and hold the lid open with one hand while rummaging for items with the other.

It was definitely awkward to access, hence fitting fridge slides to the trailer was high on our wishlist.  The cost of ready-built fridge slides was still more than we wanted to spend - but Nick sourced components via eBay and constructed two custom slides for the trailer.  He did brilliant work!

Two different mounting systems were used.  One fridge slides out front-first (which is the side we'll access for roadside stops).  The second fridge slides sideways, from the other side of the trailer box. It won't be accessed as often, so may operate more regularly as a freezer.

A second battery and solar panel were fitted around the same time as the slides.

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