Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Livin' it up - lunch at the Lagoon!

It certainly felt like lunchtime when we rolled out of Roma.

We made a quick stop to look at the fantastic "Pinkin-jinn-ee" painted boulder tortoise - which we'd seen from the road the previous day.

After that, I checked our Camps Australia Wide 7 book for a possible lunch place.  One site seemed familiar.  I then remembered someone had recently put pics of it on a Facebook group I follow.  Decision made, we headed for Judd's Lagoon.  Much of the lagoon was dry but we pulled up beside some water and enjoyed a very flash cheese platter lunch while watching a few tortoises and many birds.

It is possible to camp at the lagoon and several vans pulled in while we lunched.  We wanted to get closer to home though, before setting up for the night (to lessen our driving the next morning) - so pressed onward to Chinchilla.

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