Friday, 23 October 2015

The Caravanning Life ...

When we bought our caravan, it was to be used for holidays and weekend trips - not as temporary accommodation.

Times change though and for the moment we are staying in the van (in a caravan park) and doing our best to adapt to such confined quarters.

Although I packed some stuff under Erin's bed prior to leaving Hamby Home(in)stead, most of our efforts were directed to culling, packing the storage container and leaving the house.  As much as we'd culled, there was overflow which needed to be housed when the container was collected earlier than planned.

That overflow went into the van, our cars and the trailer.  We've culled further since, particularly after selling the trailer.  Four or five more boxes have gone to the op-shop.  Luckily we have our larger tent set up beside the van.  It houses the Engels, our food, clothes and various other stuff.  I've re-arranged it several times, trying for better organisation - and to lighten the load still further.

We can stay at a caravan park for about eight weeks before being required to apply for permanent residency.  Our current park does not allow permanent residents to have pets, so we'll move before then.  Of course, the better organised we are, the easier it will be to leave.  That's the plan!

We've made good use of the park's BBQ and I've been using an electric frypan to cook our meals outside.  I packed our $1.00 hotplates, which have proved useful as have my thermal cookers.  (The Cobb cookers are in the van also but yet to be put into service).  The past two days have been quite cold, so I cooked inside the van - that was a definite challenge given the cramped space and I was glad of better weather today!

It's just over three weeks that we've been living in the van (after our lovely house-sitting position ended).  We moved sites about two weeks ago and our current spot gives a good view of the main gates, so we get to see many arrivals and departures.  Our set-up is quite modest, particularly when contrasted against much schmicker (and larger) outfits, that often are used for just two people.


  1. I find that I always take too much stuff when I go on holidays and you never use half of it!

    1. We are a bit like that here, also - though in this case we aren't on holidays and are carting stuff that should have gone into storage, so need to decide whether it is worth holding on to!