Sunday, 25 October 2015

Malmsbury Reservoir

We'd passed signs for Malmsbury Reservoir as we drove into town, so decided to have a quick look on the way out.  (The signs were right on this occasion).

It was an interesting place and we spent a while wandering about. Nick and Vaughan took Bandit with them.

Vaughan spotted an echidna and was able to catch him (or her) but Nick didn't have his phone to take any photos - sadly!

Erin and I walked down to see the start of the aqueduct. A white-faced heron was happily fishing - and caught several while we watched.

We didn't have access to his area but Erin enjoyed racing leaves and twigs into the aqueduct to check the water flow.

A couple (of people!) had been fishing in the dam. They were pleased with their catch of three bigger fish, though the lady said she came out to enjoy the fresh air.

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