Saturday, 24 October 2015

Stowing (some of) the stuff!

Aldi had a "Savvy Storage" sale today. I bought one each of their hanging shoe and clothes storage units - and two of the three-drawer storage boxes.

The dimensions weren't advertised on the website and I couldn't find our tape measure, so I decided to bring all three units back for testing. 

There were only two of the drawer boxes left in red, so Erin and I excavated both - which was good thinking!

My original thought was to have the wider hanging clothes organiser in Erin's skinny top wardrobe.  She preferred the drawer boxes though and it happened that both sets fit.  The narrow shoe organiser hangs in the larger wardrobe, which leaves the other hanging unit currently without a home.  I'm sure we'll think of a way to use it.

Earlier this year I packed one wardrobe drawer with a few clothes, intended to stay in the van for our short breaks.  That system isn't workable now that we're living in the van and I've adjusted my thinking.

Nick and I still have a drawer each for small items.  His socks are in the green bag hanging with the oven mitts beside the wardrobe.  His work clothes are hanging in the wardrobe along with some of Vaughan's school uniform.  We all have clothes in the tent - and I'm still working on better organisation there!

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