Sunday, 25 October 2015

Malmsbury Viaduct

On the way home from the Garfield Water Wheel, we stopped in at Malmsbury Botanic Gardens for a very late afternoon tea.  It was a pretty spot with young families of geese and ducks.

When we set off again, we saw a sign for the Malmsbury Viaduct.  Although we traveled in the direction indicated, there were no further signs and we made our way home.

I had the terms aqueduct and viaduct confused, so was looking for a water-way rather than a rail-line - plus we were too busy admiring the gardens to look behind us!  

Today's trip was far more successful cos we ignored the signage.  Our research got us where we wanted to be - and as we were admiring the great viaduct, we saw that Malmsbury has an aqueduct as well!

You can read about the viaduct here and the history of it and the aqueduct, here.

Amazing work!

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