Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Firth Fun

I have a reputation for dragging my family out in all kinds of weather - particularly since we moved to Victoria.  Given the conditions are so variable here, I've decided we can't stay home waiting for a perfect day - because we might never go out at all!

As much as our camping trip was cold and wet, we did make the most of our time at Firth Park.  There was mist on Saturday morning and quite a few mushrooms to admire.  Vaughan was very happy yabbying - on a self-imposed catch and release program.

I've since heard (via an online camping forum) that yabbies hibernate during the winter months, at least in Victoria.  I'm not entirely convinced so will be doing some research at home - and (when I remember) in the field!

We practiced camp oven cooking (and eating!) plus spent some time planning a longer adventure for later this year.


  1. What is the delicious looking bread like item you have cooked???

  2. Ah, that would be a simple (burnt-bum) damper - best served with home-made blackberry jam or pilfered plum preserve and lots of canned cream!

  3. Kinda looked like a HUGE coconut macaroon!!!