Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Damp-er and damper?!

I tried something different on our last camping trip to Firth Park. Before leaving home, I measured the dry ingredients for our pikelet batter into a screw-top jar.

The plan worked well, so dry pikelet mix was packed again this trip.

I also measured the dry ingredients for damper into a container.  I used the recipe from my Australian Bush Cooking book, so noted the page number on the container lid.  

In the past, I've taken flour and other ingredients to the campsite.  I'll still do that but given the soggy conditions and limited bench area, it was nice to have the dry measuring already done.

The container held 3 cups of self-raising flour, a quarter cup of full-cream milk powder and a pinch of Pink Lake salt.

I hadn't thought to pack any extra flour, so couldn't shape the dough smoothly when setting it into the cake tin, so it looked a bit rougher than other efforts.  You might have seen Nammo's comment on the previous post, likening the loaf to a "HUGE coconut macaroon"?!  Yep, that was a very apt description!

It's been a while since I've made damper in the camp oven.  (I used one of our Cobb Cookers while at Yowah last year to create an odd pancake-like version)!  This one was a bit burnt on the bottom but perfectly edible - particularly with home-made blackberry jam or pilfered plum preserve with lashings of canned cream!

Vaughan isn't a big fan of damper but eats it, so he can mound whipped cream on top.  If he was allowed to eat canned cream without damper, he'd be happier!

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  1. I am so keen to try coconut macron damper, like Vaughan...piled high with cream!!!